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Japanese Larch

japense larchWe are currently involved in a local project to convert recently felled Larch timber and add value to the product by preparing it for the saw mill. The timber was felled due a plant health notification declared by the Forestry Commission and the fungus like pathogen concerned commonly known as Phytophthora Ramorum. 

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Trunk Removal

We were employed to remove this 6 tonne Black Poplar stump from the brook into which the tree had fallen in the Spring of 2014.

stump removal



Warley Woods

warley 2Our forwarding unit in operation at Warley Woods in December 2013.

The thinned timber Birch and Sycamore totalled about 100 tonnes and was processed at our yard for firewood.

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Recent Projects

Compton Valley

Compton Verney